About Us

eLiquidGMP was established in 2015 to support the rapidly developing vaping industry with honest and effective consulting and scientific support to our customers’ efforts in achieving national and international regulation. We currently house the single largest aggregate team of diverse curricular and extracurricular professionals in regulatory & compliance, manufacturing, software, and revere-engineering experts from the vaping industry. eLiquid GMP is comprised solely of eLiquid manufacturing professionals, PhD and MS partners, as well as regulatory officers acting as quality systems analysts, all in-house assets and SPECIALIZING IN THE VAPING INDUSTRY ALONE!!! We are all vapers, chemists, quality assurance personnel, and so much more.

Our strengths and core competencies:

  • Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Quality Management Systems Implementation and Certification
  • Full Suite Analytical services for eLiquids utilizing GC/MS, HPLC, HS/GC/FID, ICP-MS
  • Manufacturing Process Validation
  • Toxicological Risk Assessment
  • Product Testing and stability studies
  • Internal and Certification Audits
  • FDA Inspection and Quality Audit
  • Implementation of Safety Policies and program to comply with OSHA

By bringing the trio of required regulatory consulting services to the vaping industry under one roof – analytical, regulatory, and manufacturing, we have allowed for possibly the most efficient scenario for the production of good data and regulatory excellence at the LOWEST COST. Your brand will sleep easy at night, every night, up until and well after regulatory compliance, with our tireless staff hard at work to keep your products available to your loyal customers. Industry-wide regulatory compliance may seem daunting, but with an individualized and focused plan-of-action involving a manufacturing audit, analytical testing for safety assessment, and a thoroughly reviewed application by top professionals, WE WILL SUCCEED.

“ELIQUID GMP WILL NOT ALLOW A CLIENT OR FRIEND FALL SHORT OF REGULATORY COMPLIANCE,” and you better hold us to that statement. eLiquid GMP’s core staff have deep and emotional ties to many of the brands you see on the market today. it would be with shame for us to ignore this call-to-action and not only put our money where our mouths are, but put ourselves to tireless work for our family and friends.

Let us welcome you into the eLiquid GMP family 🙂 Come visit us soon in Sunny San Diego!!!

Integrated Expertise for a More Efficient, Effective Journey

Companies developing eliquid and e-cigarette today are under stricter regulation and greater financial pressures than ever.  Investors, regulators and third party payers all expect results fast, and proof of product quality even faster.  This is why you need a partner with ELiquidGMP’s fully integrated services, resources and product development experience to guide you.

500_F_2234946_pUeJxGZMAy8dRF3ZMfSG45kthr1gpUAt ELiquidGMP, the expertise you need begins with our regulatory consultants, many of whom are former senior regulators themselves. They have the insights to help you advance your product development effort from Proof of Concept to commercialization.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the advice they need to maintain their competitive edge in a challenging business and regulatory environment. ELiquidGMP consultants have considerable experience preparing regulatory strategies, managing pre-submission meetings with FDA and other regulatory bodies worldwide. We also work with our clients to prepare Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA).  Our consultants also draw upon all the global resources at ELiquidGMP including Toxicology Risk Assessment, process validation, products stability studies, emission tests and labeling/package compliance.

Untitled-3EliquidGMP consultants will work with you to implement and maintain an effective Quality System, including product research and development, in order to meet FDA, EU and ISO9000 requirements for approvals. Our team of experts will work with eliquid products at all stages of development to help them address quality issues identified internally as well as those identified by regulators. Given the time pressures and costs to develop, manufacture, market and sale your products, ELiquidGMP’s resources provide you with regulatory details at every stage of the process to contain your costs and build data for your applications, and tools to commercialize your device effectively once it is approved.