Reverse Engineering

reverse engineereLiquid GMP specializes in the reverse engineering of eLiquids! Our analytical equipment is tuned to detect even the slightest concentrations of aromavolatiles and flavoring components needed to reverse engineer your formulation. What is reverse engineering you say???

Reverse engineering is the process used by analytical chemists to elucidate the chemical components that make up a solution. By analyzing your eLiquid for content, we will be able to identify all major components and their relative concentrations – a very key and useful tool in the manufacturing process. This is entirely necessary for all TPD2 and FDA PMTA applications and must be performed for each SKU individually 🙂

Even more important is the ability to eliminate cost from the flavoring manufacturer!!!! By reverse engineering your eLiquid, we have now harnessed the ability to go out into the world and source individual chemistries, rather than paying costly amounts for pre-engineered flavorings from major manufacturers. In addition, the entire world of flavors become open to your laboratory!!! With complete and total knowledge of your formulation, we can identify key components and their relative flavor profiles, but go further to enhance pleasing aspects and mitigate displeasing ones 🙂 The world is your oyster, let us show you the tools at your disposal!!!

Send us an email or give us a ring in the lab to discuss the reverse engineering of your eLiquid SKUs. Our lead chemists and regulators are standing by to tailor a custom plan for you and your business!


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