Stability Testing

stabilityStability testing is a vital component of your EU TPD2 or US FDA PMTA. It is required to label your product with an expiration date, and is a required component of both applications. An expiration date that has not been properly validated may be grounds for product shelving and immediate removal.


Stability testing at eLiquid GMP is performed in-house with controlled incubation ovens, and an accelerated program, able to elucidate data in 2x real-time. Meaning if we are required to perform a stability test for a product attempting to meet a 1 year expiration date, eLiquid GMP would be able to accomplish such a task in 6 months. Our analysts will be able to extract samples and generate the data immediately for your stability tests.


A proper stability test will monitor and watch all variables associated with product integrity, and will perform a TOX assessment at each step of monitoring to ensure the product is intact. This will ensure eLiquid GMP is able to establish the maximum shelf-life of your product, therefore maximizing revenue by capitalizing on standing inventory.


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