EliquidGMP is a fully-integrated consulting services for the vaping industry. Our services encompass all facets of regulatory compliance: US-FDA, EU-TPD, ISO, and many more. EliquidGMP offers an integrated solution to all of our clients, customized to fit your exacting needs and objectives. We walk you through, step-by-step, both paperwork and chemistry. We evaluate your products, laboratory safety, product submission, and/or registration. Our areas of expertise are:

  • FDA compliance for Tobacco Products (21CFR Part 1100,1400 and 1450),
  • Premarket Tobacco Application Submission (PMTA),
  • Tobacco Products Directives (TPD) Submission and compliance (European Union),
  • Implementation of Quality Management System (QMS),
  • Implementation of ISO program and ISO Audit and Inspection,
  • Labeling and packaging compliance for FDA and EU,
  • Quality Audit and Inspection and Suppliers Assessment,
  • Full Suite Analytical services for Eliquid utilizing GC/MS, HPLC, HS/GC/FID, ICP-MS
  • Establish Safety Policies and Program for manufacturers to comply with OHSA/US EPA/EU ECHA
  • Employees Training Program for Quality and Safety

Take a moment to browse through the individual areas-of-focus within the eLiquid GMP group to familiarize yourself with their relevance to your brand! We’re happy to explain anything that may not be of immediate understanding via phone or email – please do not hesitate to GET IN TOUCH!

  • Compliant Raw Materials

    Compliant Raw Materials

    Compliant Raw Materials Do you quarantine and test your raw materials before allowing them to be used for manufacturing finished…

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  • ISO & GMP

    ISO & GMP

    ISO and cGMP: The FDA Final Rule 21CFR Part 1100, 1400 and 1430 mandates all e-liquid manufacturers to comply with…

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  • TPD


    At eliquidGMP, our staff offer a turn-key solution to the TPD-EU submission to European Union. The submission includes Toxicology Risk…

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    FDA Interaction and Remediation Direct interaction with the FDA is a stressful, apprehensive experience, even when conducted under the best…

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  • Audit Your Facility or CoPacker

    Audit Your Facility or CoPacker

    Audit your Facility or co-packer EliquidGMP will evaluate your current manufacturing facility and/or co-packer facilities, identify gaps in compliance, then…

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  • Contract Manufacturing

    Contract Manufacturing

    Contract Manufacturing We have partnered with contract manufacturing facilities that are compliant, or are in the process of becoming regulation…

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  • Product Development

    Product Development

    eLiquid GMP is positioned with its immediate partners and in-house recourses to offer a full-suite product development service. Whether your…

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  • Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering

    eLiquid GMP specializes in the reverse engineering of eLiquids! Our analytical equipment is tuned to detect even the slightest concentrations of…

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  • Stability Testing

    Stability Testing

    Stability testing is a vital component of your EU TPD2 or US FDA PMTA. It is required to label your…

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